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Hugh Whitehouse is a Digital Producer in Brisbane who specialises in rich media content creation and corporate storytelling.  For Hugh, #Ventured provides an important opportunity to talk to startups at varying stages of the lifecycle.

"In Queensland, we have this amazing boom in startup businesses. We're innovating everything from AgTech, to Robotics, to Education and Training."

"Brisbane is unique because everyone in the space is incredibly supportive of each other," Mr. Whitehouse said.

"But I looked at all of the great stuff that's happening and realised that no-one is telling our story." 

So Hugh grabbed his camera, sent out a few tweets, and #Ventured was born.

"Initially I called my good friend and startup Mentor Peter Laurie and asked him, 'What do you think of this idea?' Peter gave me the push I needed, introduced me to some people, and pretty soon i'd booked enough interviews to film the first season."


Unlike traditional narrative documentary, #Ventured aims to be both information and educational -  at least for the startup audience. "This series is about each business' journey," Hugh said. "I encourage the interviewees to share their experiences - their highs and their lows - so that someone else in a similar situation might be able to watch and learn from it."

With Season 1 now complete, Hugh is looking forward to filming Season 2 with a rolling schedule across 2017. 

"As soon as I finished the last episode of Season 1, I started thinking about new ideas for Season 2" Hugh said. "The response from the community has been great and there are so many more stories to tell."

"One thing i'd love to do is expand the scope to include more of the regional innovation hubs -  Toowoomba, Mackay, Cairns etc.  But that's going to cost money. If anyone wants to give me some, we're taking donations via www.ventured.com.au." 

What goes into making an episode of #Ventured?


Each episode of #Ventured takes us between 8-10 hours to produce - from shooting to publication. The good news for the startups we feature is that their time commitment is less than 2 hours! Here we'll break down a basic shooting structure so you know what to expect if you're thinking about registering for Season 2.

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 12.58.55 PM.png


A flurry of email; a couple of phone calls. During pre-production we like to have a chat with startups we're featuring and book in a time and location to shoot.



We sit down for 20 - 45 mins and run through a series of questions about your business. Working collaboratively, we help you construct a narrative.



After the interview, we spend an hour shooting 3-4 scenes and approximately 30 shots in and around your office. Some light acting may be involved ;)

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 12.57.18 PM.png

Post Production

Back in the editing suite we'll put everything together -  cut, colour, music -  before supplying you with a version for review. Once that's approved, we publish it!

We're currently looking for Startups in Queensland to participate in Season 2 of #Ventured. 


Does all this excitement sound like a bit of fun? Do you have some time in your schedule? If so, you should register your interest so we can start to make arrangements!